My Daughter – My Inspiration

My Daughter - My Inspiration

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My daughter Manteee (Samantha) has proven me a trail that I like vacationing. She has been and will continue to be an inspiration in my existence. Her fearless nature and competitive traits have swelled my coronary heart. I am so lucky to have her as my daughter.

She loves playing softball. Her competitive nature renowned up in many aspects of the eagerness. As a moment baseman she dives for groundballs that have a option of attending to the outfield. She races for fly balls and pop ups that she should nonetheless get and all the time does get. While batting she will take one for the work force. She will allow a complex pitched ball to hit her so she can get on base. She will arise to any pitcher, regardless of how complex they throw, to get her swings in. On the bases is where she is brave. Diving or sliding into a base without a clear concern for her body has typically scared me. Taking the the excess base when highest girls just stand around has earned her a thumbs up from her coaches.

She has stepped in and played against players, in some tournaments, that are 5 to six years older than her. Some of these girls are over six feet tall. My daughter is 5 feet two inches if we put her on a stretching table. Her lack of peak has been made up by her determination.. Starting for her high school work force as a Freshman turned into tremendously an accomplishment. What turned into even greater turned into that her coach favors Juniors and Seniors because they have more experience.

Baseball and softball have been a sizeable part of my existence. Writing this e-zine about my daughter has been a joy. She has made her dad proud. I feel like I am glowing indoors when i watch her play. I feel like I am the luckiest father on earth.

My delusion baseball tale has come to reality via my daughter. I sought after one of my children to excel in baseball. She is the individual that has carried the ball and bat. She would or would not are purchasing to continue her occupation after High School. That is as much as her. But for now I am able to watch, admire and feel proud. Boy do I feel proud.

I have admired Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Willie Mays and Derek Jeter to name tremendously multiple players that inspired me. My daughter has tied Derek Jeter as one of my all time favorites. They are either on my best ten list.

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