The nine Advantages to Using a Visual Vocabulary in Brand Identity Design

The nine Advantages to Using a Visual Vocabulary in Brand Identity Design

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Visual elements are a giant section of your business's brand
identity design. The keystone of that design is the logo,
then again in many circumstances, the logo is no longer ever enough to lay across all of
your brand attributes. A visual vocabulary is a solution to
reinforce and add to the messaging or no longer it's contained in
your logo.

A company's visual vocabulary is composed of the secondary
design elements which are used along with your logo
to type your brand identity. The visual vocabulary is
composed of font patterns, colors, shapes, layout
conventions, backgrounds, photographic library, text
treatments (reminiscent of taglines) and even the kind of paper
you opt for.

These elements ought to be used at all instances for the duration of your
stationery set and marketing collateral and have the
following nine advantages over use of a logo and text alone:

– The elements of your visual vocabulary grow to be a graphic
language, which takes your viewer deeper into your graphics
and fabrics. They add visual interest and preserve to
tell your business's story. They are an additional way which you
can communicate about your business with potential purchasers
and prospects, except the particular phrases and text about
your business.

– Graphics in a visible vocabulary are a way of
communication that's extra quickly understood than text
alone. A viewer can absorb the meanings of colors, symbols,
photos, shapes and even font varieties much extra quickly than
by reading text. So, in circumstances in which time is of the
essence-as soon as you're marketing to busy laborers, creating
action graphics reminiscent of animations or commercials or
designing models that laborers will quickly pass by, reminiscent of
car graphics or billboards, this is an predominant

– Many laborers have a deeper emotional connection with
graphics than they do with text. Customers will be extra
possibly to type an emotional bond with your brand and
company if you use extra graphics, rather than simply utilizing
your logo and text on a letterhead, business card,
datasheet or brochure. Color and photography are two of the
best possible visual vocabulary elements to apply to provoke
this emotional brand connection.

– You can communicate a couple of of the "personality reasons" of
your business utilizing your visual vocabulary. You can make
your company appearance extra official or laborers-oriented,
extra in vogue or conventional or communicate any of your
company's values by various the shapes, colors and fonts
used as the surrounding visual vocabulary. So, if you
opt for your vocabulary elements cautiously, the story of the
personality of your company can be advised utilizing the ones

– Using a visible vocabulary at all instances for the duration of all of
your corporate fabrics will automatically make your
fabrics appearance extra coherent, credible and official,
utilizing the repetitive use of consistent elements.

– The right combination of visual vocabulary elements can
additionally make your fabrics extra eye-catching. When your
fabrics are in opposition with others-in a stack of
proposals, on a table with other brochures or even a
postcard popping out of a crowded mailbox-they can have a
larger chance of getting noticed when they can be designed
with phenomenal and unique visual vocabulary elements.

– Forty percent of guests larger take into account visual elements.
A visual vocabulary will lengthen the memorability of your
fabrics as smartly, since laborers will have extra visual
elements to take into account in your fabrics.

– Elements of the visual vocabulary can reinforce your logo
to support quicken the brand recognition building process. One
common way that we do this is to apply a big version of the
company's logo, or a portion of the logo, as a watermark on
the letterhead, business card, envelope or online page. Not
only does this vocabulary component effect add visual
interest, then again it would support to speed the time that it takes
for your potential customers and existing purchasers to
appreciate and take into account your brand.

– A visual vocabulary becomes a tool kit from which you may
smoothly pull visual elements to create new marketing
fabrics. If you've a business card and brochure and
ought to create a post card quickly, then many of your
visual elements, reminiscent of color scheme, font patterns and even
layout and photograph selections can be pulled from the
existing marketing fabrics and rearranged to create a new
piece. This is rather at hand as soon as you've a short
time or low price range to provide new marketing fabrics.

The bonus function of a visible vocabulary is that when
you're doing a different promotion, launching a new product
or extending your products and services or product line, you could vary
elements of the visual vocabulary or even grow a new set
of visual vocabulary elements, to make the fabrics for
your new promotion stand out. While consistency for the duration of
a campaign is obligatory, the elements of your visual
vocabulary aren't as set in stone as your logo. This is
especially effective as soon as you figure simply with the colours and
drawn elements and leave the text and tagline treatments
a similar. That way, your fabrics will still be partially
per your other company fabrics, then again you could
present your new product or promotion's fabrics a voice of
its own.

Adding a couple of visual vocabulary elements to your brand
identity makes communicating with your audience less difficult,
quicker and extra emotionally charged. This provides you with a
highly effective solution to lengthen your visibility and
memorability. When used correctly, they'll lengthen your
credibility as smartly. They even can support add a couple of
personality to your brand identity and can make future
marketing fabrics less difficult to grow. And, unlike your
company logo, you could modify the visual vocabulary elements
you use now and again to enhance your business

Erin Ferree is a brand identity and marketing design
strategist who creates big visibility for small companies.
Through her customized marketing and brand identity
packages, Erin helps her purchasers design effective internet sites
that support them lengthen their brands, put across in new purchasers
and make sales.

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