What Do Women Look for In a Man


Currently, around 124.6 million individual Americans (50.2%) are single. This number become approximately 22% in 1950. Despite the growth in the number of folk swiping correct and using online dating sites, being single is more common than ever before.

If youre currently hoping to settle down, you might also be wondering precisely what women look for in a man. Luckily, weve performed the research and will assist you solve the thriller so you can ultimately understand what women are buying.

Ready? Lets start.

What Women Really Want

When it comes to finding a partner, men have a tendency to be much simpler than women. Women, however, have a tendency to be a piece more complicated. Some guys need some assist understanding what women look for in a man. Here are a few things most women are hoping for in their partner:


Most women are buying a man thats reasonable. Without honesty, theres no way to build trust. Men hoping to settle down with that just right woman will need to be reasonable and direct.

No woman wants to play video games, and theyre not interested in seeking to see if youre telling the truth. Honesty is quintessential from day one.


This doesnt mean that women be expecting to have your recognition every minute of everyday. But they do desire to experience cherished and special. Women love the little things that men do to make them experience incredible. This could mean complimenting her smile, noticing when shes cut her hair, or leaving a note in the morning for when she wakes up.


Sure, it cant always be chocolates and roses, and also you probably wont be making out continually all through the day. Most women are juggling household, mates, and work responsibilities and not using a doubt. Often, the romance seems to disappear once men are in a committed relationship.

Keep the romance alive with a weekly date night. Light some candles, put on some nice music, or run a bath for the lady to your life.


While intelligence should never be flaunted (there are few things as unattractive as a guy who thinks he knows it all), its a respectable shopping trait. When you come all through as pleasing and humble, youll come across it much easier to charm the proper woman.

If youre an expert in a distinctive enviornment, use it as an I know about this and would love to exact you way, and not as an Im so much smarter than you way.

Intelligence is sexy, and ladies like to learn from any individual special.


Ask women who have just ended a relationship one of the major causes the relationship fell aside and youre likely to listen to the word passion mentioned. Today, many women are buying men who can take initiative both interior and outdoors of the bedroom.

Sex is quintessential, and if youre having matters in the bedroom or suffering from a low sex force, you might also desire to look at this medicine. Even if you have a respectable sex life, women desire that passion to proceed outside the bedroom. Every woman wants to experience wanted, so asserting yourself sexually is a would have to.

Small bodily touches like a stroke on the once more or a kiss on the neck are quintessential as well and could assist keep the passion alive to your relationship.

Sense of Humor

One of the top traits women look for in a man? A sense of humor. Being humorous simply makes you more appealing, and ladies are always buying a man who can make them laugh.

This doesnt mean you need to be continually cracking jokes. But with the functionality to laugh at yourself is essential. No one wants to be with any individual who takes themselves too seriously.


Women desire to be with any individual who can manage themselves. Youll need to exhibit that youre self sustaining and succesful. That means making your own selections, cooking yourself dinner, and paying your rent on time.

Women dont desire to be your mother, and its quintessential that you can prove that you can convey your own weight (and your partners when necessary). Its a definite turnoff when guys are in fastened need of motivation, assist, tips, companionship, and reassurance.


Women like to talk. A lot. Women speak approximately 20,000 words a day, which is 13,000 more than most men.

Your partner may also know you love her but would get pleasure from hearing you say it too. So let her know you think shes hot. Tell her she looks super. It helps her experience confident and lets her know you can see the effort she has put in.

Its also quintessential to communicate when youre not happy. Theres nothing more frustrating than hearing any individual say theyre fine when theyre not fine. Women get pleasure from men who are awesome communicators and keep away from being passive aggressive in the relationship.


Just like men are drawn to incredible-shopping women, the same goes for ladies. Keeping yourself groomed, staying in shape, wearing dresses that in reliable shape, and every so ceaselessly bathing goes a smart way.

This doesnt mean you need to appear like Brad Pitt. But staying on top of your personal hygiene and taking pride to your look will go a smart way.

Are You What Women Look for in a Man?

What do you reflect on the above traits? Do you trust you can tick most of them off? Do you have what women look for in a man? Or are there some components that you could support?

Most women are happy to be with a man who is somewhat of a fixer-upper so long as hes willing to center of attention on self-benefit. Theres nothing more unattractive than an unmotivated guy whos happy with mediocracy.

Want to learn more about women? Check out some more of our relationship articles today.

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