Can Marijuana Slow Your Brains Aging Process

Can Marijuana Slow Your Brains Aging Process

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The endocannabinoid system is a biochemical pathway that slows down with aging. Its located throughout the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system. Its receptors assistance regulate memory, mood, appetite, and pain.

It suggests that the THC is stimulating the brains endocannabinoid system.

18 Months With No THC: Older mice who werent given THC for the duration of this experiment showed difficulty recognizing familiar objects. They also experienced difficulty navigating the maze.
18 Months With THC: Those older mice who got THC actually scored very similarly to the younger, more vivid mice. And they did so for an entire month after the dosing stopped.

This newest research, by scientists from University of Bonn and Hebrew University, shows that humans may be able to assistance prevent brain function from slowing as they get older.

After four weeks of conducting this experiment, the consequences were astonishing.

Less than 10 years ago, marijuana was illegal everywhere in the United States. Yet, at this time more and more states are recognizing the medicinal benefits of marijuana. And legalizing it.


The mice were tested for:

 What Do These Findings Mean?

It is major to notice that the dosage of THC administered to the mice was so small that there was no intoxicating conclusion result on them.

The therapy entirely reversed the loss of performance in the old animals, reported Prof. Andreas Zimmer from the Institute of Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn and member of the Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation.

However, the youngest group of mice who were administered the THC seemed to assert no in their cognitive competencies.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana has shown to boost memory, learning, and cognitive function in older mice.

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Researchers found that:

This is what ends up in changes in which signals are published.

Each group of mice solved a water maze.

Excited? Read on.

The three groups used were 2 months, one year, and 18 months. Some mice got a placebo while other mice got small doses of THC.

The human body actually makes its own cannabinoids. They assistance regulate what is being neurotransmitted. When THC is inhaled or ingested into the system, it competes with the bodys own cannabinoids for the receptors.

What Were the Results of THC with the Test Groups?


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There were three testing groups of mice used while conducting this scientific experiment. Each group represented mice at a certain age. The experiment lasted approximately four weeks.

How Was the Experiment Performed?

What is an Endocannabinoid System?

Why? Because both under stimulation and over stimulate is destructive. Meaning that in younger mice, the endogenous cannabinoid system is already exceptionally active so adding THC smoothly overstimulated the mice until their cognitive function declined. The same is true for younger people.

As everyone knows, with the increase of age, our memory performance decreases. Its purely a natural detail conclusion result of getting older. Or is it? Do humans have to settle for getting older or is there one thing to be done?

Learning Capacity
Memory Performance
Orientation Skills
Recognition of Other Mice

One wonders what impact this data will have on current cannabis stocks.

Great, THC reverses loss of performance in old animals, but what does that mean for humans?

This study is sure to guide to more studies that will no doubt shed further light on the myriad health benefits of medical marijuana.

How Does Medical Marijuana Slow Aging?

As marijuana becomes more acceptable, more studies have been done and the news is astounding. Why? Because new studies show that medical marijuana can actually slow down your brains aging process.

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