Get Out and About in Gaud’s Barcelona

Get Out and About in Gaud's Barcelona

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Barcelona is a buzzing metropolis with a novel flair; it is bursting with stunning structure. Forget dilapidated, gray churches and historic palaces, this joyous city has been graced with the outstanding work of architect Antoni Gaud. Admired global extensive for his plain talent, Gaud takes inspiration from nature in his format and the result may perhaps be seen painted across the city in his swirling stones, distorted iron and colourful mosaic. Grab your camera and get out and about with Gaud, following in his footsteps as you enter a extra dimension of technicolour and seemingly unimaginable structure.
Only a two-hour flight out of London and a short lived Barcelona airport transfer journey away, the following is a rare city that must be at the height of every travellers bucket list.

Picnic at Park Gell

Take a breath of recent air in the course of your day at Park Gell, becoming at one with nature and artwork simultaneously. Allow yourself to take time wandering amongst Gauds uniquely designed properties; notice the lack of straight strains in all of the park, reflecting his natural, organic inspiration! During your visit to the park, explore Gauds optimal stored secret – the Colonia Gell. The unusual oval church and crypt was constructed utilizing techniques that were the groundwork for the construction techniques hired erecting La Sagrada Familia.

Enter the Life of Gaud at Casa Museu Gaud

The Gaud House Museum is a perfect addition to Park Gell and is honestly price a journey. It was refurbished and opened to the public in 1963 following Gauds tragic death and provides a alternative appearance into the life of the man beyond his structure. Admire his self-designed furnishings and other magnificent objects associated to his life.

Stroll Around the City

Take your own personal expedition of Gauds creations which are scattered across the city leaving rich colour around every corner. His first crucial building, the Casa Vicens boasts stunning oriental affects, and Le Pedrera has been proclaimed one of the highest imaginative houses in the background of structure. Its stunningly weird masses of undulating stone and cast iron balconies reflects the unpredictable essence of the natural global. Stop by the Palau Gell, a extra picturesque site which contains a ceiling that gives the illusion of a planetarium under daylight. Finally, to complete any Gaud expedition or not it's very important to visit La Sagrada Familia. Remember every crumbling old church youve seen earlier than? Let those preconceptions melt away as you are hit with a kaleidoscope of colour upon entering this glorious work of artwork. A excellent region to take a calm second, you too can additionally take up a novel view of Barcelona by trekking one of the churchs towers.

How to Get There

The simplest manner to bounce start your event is a swift flight to Barcelona with Ryanair, easyJet, British Airways or relatively a few of other airways, which leave London on daily basis heading to Barcelona. Airport transfers are a snappy and fundamental manner to get in your accommodation, so kick off your journey to Barcelona by pre-booking an inexpensive shared shuttle to transport you from the airport instantly in your temporary house so one could drop off your baggage and get going! Use your shared Barcelona airport transfer as a chance to meet fellow travellers and procure a new exploring blood brother or glean hot insider recommendation on hidden gems within the city.

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