How to get an even reaction from 99% of girls

How to get an even reaction from 99% of girls

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I turned into out with one of my mates Sam. Just a usual night of amusing and banter with the girls of Copenhagen. After the night turned into over Sam commented on anything he noticed about my interactions with women.

He stated: "yeah, you perceived to be holding sets genuinely well, like no wandering eyes from the girl, no venue scanning they seemed pretty into it. Yeah it seemed very herbal, thats why youre a fine wing!".

I chuckled. I havent even noticed this. Its funny how when different americans see how your *activity* is from an outsiders frame of brain they're going to elect up these small topics, on the same time as I myself hardly notices it. When I give it some thought, its funny how much herbal and relaxed Ive turn out to be with conversations with women. This arguable has made my interactions much more solid and Ive turn out to be extremely reasonable at connecting with them. Its almost like I cant see why they wont assume Im cool and open up to me, they would be bizarre to imagine in a different approach. This is a shift I had not too long ago, I genuinely wrote a post about this, you can uncover it here.

Not to sound like a cocky prick Im so cool and shit, nonetheless its a mindset you must have, a mindset thats derived from Alexs you are satisfactory.

So I started interested by. What turned into I doing so well that ended in me almost simplest getting reasonable responses from girls. I havent had a terribly bad rejection in almost a year now. I would say 99% of girls I methodology I get an moderate response from and a rare 1% I uncover girls who are simplest not talkative. However this doesnt mean I fuck every girl. It just means Ive attached well with the girl and shes participating in the conversation.

Actually I wish to imagine the explanation behind this is often my astonishing screening capability. I feel like I can elect up girls that would are compatible me well.

Anyways back to denote, I wish to interrupt it down for you guys. Just be conscious that just many loads of of the suggestions might get lost in translation. Its complicated to breakdown anything that Im just doing subconsciously and making certain that you guys can genuinely realize it and observe it. The sad factor is that I in the destiny will occasionally realize extra bits and parts that form the bigger picture being my activity. Maybe even parts that are important for getting a higher understanding of what I do in this text. I will of course post articles of these epiphanies nonetheless its up to you to connect the lacking dots, and you may still be would becould moderately well be capable to, if you go out consistently.

So here goes:

Approach with no hidden time table – Really this is often what I do. In my brain it mostly goes shes cute, lets meet her Im not interested by I wish to fuck her or I wish to drag her. My brain stops at cute or interesting. I are expecting nothing from her and she feels this. It sort of feels like slicing off a gigantic burden off your shoulders. You are simplest here to talk and uncover out about her. You have no hidden creepy time table here, well not in the early stages of the conversation at least 😉

Relax and drift with it Dont be over hyped calories man, leaping up and down and exploding with every sentence that comes out of your mouth. It just shows youre compensating for anything. Just sit back and drift with the calories of the interaction. You are satisfactory, belief what you have to say and drift with what she provides back. Its genuinely not that complicated. Try taking it a notch down in terms of calories. Borderline lazy haha.

Talk about typical shit I point out typical stuff. Stuff it genuinely is taboo in our group. I genuinely ask the interview questions nonetheless the massive difference amongst me and the chode is that the interview questions are coming from ME. Im the coolest motherfucker around and the girl will feel that. To give you a higher instance: picture little skinny insecure nerd asking interview question when in contrast with Denzel Washington. They are asking an analogous questions. Can you see the massive difference? Thats the x-factor girls and gents.

Physical rapport Get physical. However you dont need to grab girls and lift them up on a regular basis. Sure thats amusing. But you dont genuinely need to. Just be certain to physically touch her frequently in the interactions. It will also be light touching. Hugs. Claw. Handshake. Touch her neck etc. Just be certain to construct a physical rapport with her and youre reasonable to head.

Lean back Allow her to talk. My conversations goes 50/50 quite early. I would say the girl has invested as much as I have in the interaction within 58 minutes. Just let her to talk. Be pleased with any awkward silences, if you dont view it as uncomfortable then it wont be.

Agree to disagree Agree with topics she says that you dont necessarily settle for as true with. Why? Because you keep away from friction. Now take this with a pinch of salt. If a woman wishes you to conquer a man up then dont agree by doing it. Use your ordinary sense. Its okay to disagree with opinions. But does it always gain you if you inform americans about it? No. So if a woman tells you about anything she puts plenty of value in, like a religion. Youll probably fuck it up if you begin disagreeing with her and speakme shit about her religion. Instead just say aahh.. cool..perhaps. Agree to disagree nonetheless leave it at. Why even waste time on arguing about it. Just dont give a shit and move on with the interaction. Its improved to uncover anything you both agree on and construct on that.

Dont be THAT guy Dont be the make-out guy or the obnoxious guy or the insecure guy or the douche-bag guy. Sure youll uncover just many loads of girls it genuinely is into it. But the majority will dislike it. Im not saying the go hard or go home route doesnt work, on the contrary Ive seen it work. But it just not my style and by running that style of activity, you might find yourself pissing just many loads of girls up that are buddies with your girl. Thus eliminating capability girls who would in a different approach be down with you.

Socialize and work the venue The last factor. Dont stick around for all time. Make certain to work the venue and give her the Ill talk to you later sentence. Night is too early to settle with one girl. Plus youll gain social proof if she sees you speakme to different americans. Come back later to the girls youve talked to. Screen them and judge whos down for coming home tonight.

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