Planning a Borneo Adventure Dont Pack a Thing Until You Check Out This List of Travel Essentials

Planning a Borneo Adventure Dont Pack a Thing Until You Check Out This List of Travel Essentials

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As you climb any mountain, you ought to understand the weather just is not an analogous once you start the journey than its at the summit. You will need lightweight breathable clothes to initiating and transition to warm clothes as you trek the mountain.

Are You Borneo Adventure Ready?

DSLR digicam (Depends on personal preference)
Camera Lenses
Waterproof digicam bag
Additional memory cards
Backup charger or batteries
Waterproof digicam for snorkeling (if related)
Power adapter

Climbing Mount Kinabalu is a must for any Borneo journey. Its Borneos tallest mountain, and its positioned inside the Malaysian state of Sabah. Visitors in steady climb to the end of Lows Peak which stands 13,435 ft.

Its not to hand to foretell if youll get sick whilst on your Borneo journey, notwithstanding you ought to deliver some predominant medical essentials to treat mild circumstances.

Are you thinking roughly making plans a Borneo journey?

Dress Code Awareness

In this article, well cowl everything you want to deliver to the jungle.


Youll additionally  protect your pores and skin from the components. Its useful to pack sunblock for those long mountain climbing trails. Also, pack SPF lip balm, and sunscreen to protect your face.

Whenever you visit a new place, you ought to unavoidably note of the dress code the locals go by. In Borneo, the dress code is fairly conservative, particularly for females.

In the humidity of the jungle, youll  wear clothes that are to hand to dry because youll be sweating. And youll additionally never know when the rain will come down.

Youll need a few assorted styles of footwear. Bring mountain climbing and walking related shoes that are resistant to each and every kind of jungle terrains. You additionally  deliver slip-on rubber shoes to slip on inside the mornings and evenings.

As with many islands positioned close to the Ecuador, the climate is humid. For all visitors, its counseled they wear clothes this can be lightweight and breathable manufactured from cotton preferably.

For male and females who wish to visit a temple, they ought to wear long sleeves. And its additionally counseled to cowl their hair.

You need to unavoidably note of the atmosphere, so anything you deliver into the jungle ought to depart the jungle with you. Bring plastic bags to store your trash in your backpack and dispose of it after the trek.

The island of Borneo is found inside the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Aside from Greenland and New Guinea, Borneo is the worlds third largest island. The Island is divided into three nations, Brunei, East Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Planning a Borneo Adventure? Dont Pack a Thing Until You Check Out This List of Travel Essentials

Dont forget to pack swim trunks and a bathing go well with.

Dont forget to pack mild breathable clothes on your journey to Borneo. We hope this list helped you together with your packing essentials, and you enjoy your journey.

Additional items youll be glad you have got are moist wipes, hand sanitizer, and insect repellant.

Borneos has an equatorial climate, that implies theres sunshine yr round. The rainy season is from November to January. The northeast experiences monsoon weather throughout this time of yr additionally.

Photography Equipment

Waterproof windbreaker
Fleece Jacket
Cap, beanie, head scar, or balaclava mask
Waterproof Gloves
Hiking shoes with just proper grip (this will get slippery)
Trekking pole
Disposable Raincoat
Head Torch
Chocolates, nuts, energy bars, any other high energy food


Its essential that female visitors preserve their shoulders and knees protected. They ought to additionally make convinced their tops are long sufficient to cowl their midriff. Showing off cleavage ought to additionally be have shyed away from.

As already tested, the jungle is extremely humid, so that you want to deliver moisture absorbent socks. You might additionally need to deliver leech proof socks.

Mount Kinabalu

Whistle (in case if emergency)
Multi-purpose knife
Camping cutlery

With any journey, you cant forget to deliver your individual documents. Pack your mastercard and dont forget to notify the group youll be traveling to keep away from your accounts frozen.

If you  climb Mount Kinabalu deliver the subsequent:

Taking a journey to the adventurous jungle of Borneo requires an extensive packing list. If youre new to jungle packing, we need to may additionally help you put together a listing.

Not most efficient ought to you deliver your authentic passport, notwithstanding additionally deliver copies of your passport and depart in your luggage. Having copies will speed up the task ought to your passport get lost or stolen.

Your Borneo journey will take you to the jungle, and there aren't any electrical plugs inside the jungle. Since youll be taking awesome snap photographs, youll  deliver extra charged batteries in your digicam. Bring a multipurpose watch you can use as an alarm and has a lightweight.


Dont depend solely on plastic, keep in mind that cash is king wherever you go. Try to deliver sufficient currency for the entire journey and most efficient use the mastercard in case of emergencies.

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Female travelers ought to note of their tampons and pads. They wont be capable to dispose of them whilst inside the jungle.

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Information on Borneo

Shorts and t-shirts are related throughout the day, whatever the truth that, trousers can be proposing greater defense against branches, insect bites, and leeches.

Trekking Equipment

The beaches and wooded area treks are greater relaxed on dress code than the villages, notwithstanding visitors ought to be respectful when theyre bathing in rivers. For female travelers, they ought to deliver a sarong with them and keep away from bathing in just their underwear.

Remember that whilst trekking youll  travel as mild as possible. You can unavoidably assess the situation and make a decision what you can depart inside the back of inside the lodging.

The dry season mostly lasts from May to September. Due to the substantive size of the island, climate varies all across the territory.



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If you deliver them youll have to carry them in Ziploc bags till you depart. An choice for female travelers is usually a menstrual cup.

Also, deliver copies of your itinerary, flight confirmations, hotel reservations, and any others you belif are efficient.

Pack over the counter painkillers to treat complications. Its additionally an sincere thought to deliver altitude sickness cure and anti-diarrhea tablets.

Whenever you favor to visit Borneo, you'll receive advantages from having a look at TripADeal reasonable travel bargains.

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